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About the Neo Financial Mastercard credit card​

a game-changer in the dynamic landscape of Canadian credit cards! Crowned as the reigning champion of Canada’s Best Cashback Credit Cards, this card is not just a piece of plastic; it’s your ticket to unparalleled rewards and financial freedom.


Picture this: Up to a mind-blowing 15% cashback on your inaugural purchases! Yes, you read it right – 15%! It’s not just a credit card; it’s a catalyst for a rewards revolution. And the best part? No annual fees! Say goodbye to those pesky charges that usually accompany premium rewards cards.


But that’s not all – let’s talk cashback rewards, the real showstopper! Every transaction becomes a celebration with the Neo Financial MasterCard, as you get a fantastic rebate on every single swipe. It’s like getting paid to spend – who wouldn’t want that?


Now, buckle up for the real thrill – low interest rates that will make your financial dreams do a happy dance! This card isn’t just about rewards; it’s about responsible and affordable credit. Imagine having a credit card that not only showers you with perks but also doesn’t break the bank with sky-high interest rates.


Oh, and did we mention there are no annual fees and no monthly fees? That’s right, zero fees! While other credit cards are counting every penny, the Neo Financial MasterCard is setting you free to enjoy the rewards you deserve.


Get ready to redefine your credit card experience. Neo Financial MasterCard – where rewards meet excitement, and fees become a thing of the past. Elevate your spending game and embrace the future of credit cards!

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About Neo Financial

Hold on to your seats because Neo Financial, the dynamic Canadian FinTech startup, is making waves as it takes on the banking scene with a fresh perspective!


Hailing from the Prairies and brought to life by the visionaries behind SkipTheDishes – Andrew Chau, Jeff Adamson, and Kris Read – Neo Financial is not your average startup. It’s a powerhouse on a mission to shake up the Canadian financial market, challenging the norm and sparking a revolution in everyday banking.


Picture this, a year and a half of relentless dedication to building cutting-edge technology and a robust banking infrastructure. Neo Financial has meticulously laid the groundwork for a financial services experience like no other. And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Neo Financial has officially unleashed its game-changing services into the market!


Get ready for a financial transformation like never before. Neo Financial is here to redefine banking, and Western Canada is just the beginning of this thrilling journey. Buckle up as Neo Financial brings innovation, excitement, and a whole new era of banking to your doorstep!

Why choose the Neo Financial Mastercard?

What sets this card apart? No annual fees, a feature treasured by Canadians who want to maximize their earnings.


But that’s not all – the Neo Financial Mastercard takes security to the next level. Advanced features are in place to fortify your financial information, creating a fortress of trust and peace of mind.


Imagine boosting your credit score with the Neo Financial Mastercard – it’s not just a win; it’s a hat trick in hockey, a game-changer for Canadians!


Responsibly wielding this card doesn’t just build a credit history; it opens doors to unparalleled financial opportunities. Whether it’s securing that dream lakeside cottage, funding your kids’ education, or relishing lower interest rates, it’s like gliding towards a radiant financial future, one savvy purchase at a time.