Introducing the Neo Financial MasterCard, a groundbreaking player in the Canadian credit card market. Awarded as the best Cashback credit card in Canada, it presents an attractive proposition for those looking to maximize their spending rewards.

With up to 15% cashback on the first purchase and no annual fee, it’s a card that demands attention.


One of the card’s benefits is its cashback rewards, providing cardholders with discounts on every transaction they make. Another feature is the low-interest rates, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a credit card with low-interest charges and broad eligibility. The card also doesn’t impose annual or monthly fees, in contrast to other cashback reward credit cards.


Card Neo benefits

Experience the convenience of earning cashback on your everyday purchases with the Neo Financial MasterCard. Get 1% cashback on gas and groceries, with a minimum of 0.5% on all other purchases. Enjoy even higher rewards, up to 5%, at restaurants, bars, cafes, streaming services, ride-sharing, and food delivery. For online and in-store shopping at retail partners, cashback starts from 2%.

  • Accessible to All Income Levels: There’s no minimum annual income requirement to qualify for the Neo Financial MasterCard. It’s a consumer credit card designed to be accessible to people with varying income levels;
  • High Cashback Rewards: Neo Financial MasterCard stands out by offering high cashback rewards to its cardholders. Make the most of your spending without the burden of an annual fee;
  • Welcome Bonus: Enjoy a generous 15% cashback as a welcome bonus on your first purchase from Neo partnered retailers. It’s a great incentive to kickstart your Neo Financial experience;
  • MasterCard Security Protection: Rest easy with the security protection provided by MasterCard. The Neo Financial MasterCard ensures peace of mind and zero liability during your everyday transactions. Benefit from the Zero Liability Fraud policy, protecting you from unauthorized transactions;
  • 21 Days’ Grace Period for APR: Enjoy a 21-day grace period with no interest on purchases and balance transfers. Combined with no annual fee, this feature allows you to make the most of your credit card without extra costs;
  • 5% Cashback on Partnered Retailers: Take advantage of an average of 5% cashback on purchases from Neo’s partnered retailers. Save more on your everyday expenses with this rewarding feature.

Neo: Fees and tariffs

As it is a simple card, there are not many fees to be charged, which makes life easier for those who need a card and don’t want to worry about whether or not they are paying abusive fees. See some important points about this card below.

  • No Transaction Fees: Rest easy with the Neo Money™ account – no transaction fees apply. Manage your money without worrying about extra charges;
  • Printed Documents Convenience: Need a physical copy of your monthly statement or another document? It’s easy! A small $5 fee is applicable for each printed document;
  • Interest Made Easy: Interest is calculated daily on your total closing balance and paid out monthly. Rates are per annum and might change without prior notice. Keep an eye on your balance and enjoy the simplicity of monthly interest payments.

How to request?

Requesting this card is a simple task, and will only take you a few minutes to complete. See our step by step:

  • Go to Neo Financial’s Site: Start by visiting the Neo Financial website. Look for the page dedicated to the Neo Financial MasterCard;
  • Pick Your Plan: Choose between the free Base plan or the Premium plan, which comes at a cost of CAD $4.99 per month;
  • Complete the Quick Form: Fill in the necessary details on the online application form. Don’t worry;
  • Get Your Virtual Card Instantly: As soon as you finish the application, you’ll gain immediate access to a virtual card. This means you can begin using your credit card right away for online purchases;
  • Activate Your Physical Card: When your physical card arrives, follow the instructions provided to activate it. This step ensures you can use your card for purchases at physical stores.

Opinion about the card Neo

This card can be an excellent option for those who are just starting their financial life or for those who do not have a high enough score for other cards with more benefits and more extensive credit.

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