Privacy Policy

FINVYU respects the privacy of its Users and with the aim of highlighting the way in which their data is treated, it presents the Privacy Policy that complies with international and national data protection standards.

By using FINVYU, the User expressly accepts the processing of their data, confirming that they agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions of Use. (
This Privacy Policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with FINVYU’s General Terms and Conditions of Use.


FINVYU aims to share the economic and professional information of its Users, making it accessible to everyone and promoting the products and services that best adapt to their reality, according to their needs and preferences.

All FINVYU functions can be used without the user having to register in advance.
FINVYU Follows international security regulations and standards in data storage, protection, privacy and transmission, emphasizing that no method of data storage, protection, privacy and transmission is 100% secure and inviolable.

FINVYU does not send emails to its Users requesting payment or confirmation of personal data.

FINVYU processes two types of data, “Personally Identifiable Data” and “Non-Personal Data”.

To access the free content of FINVYU E-books and Quizzes and similar, the User must provide some personal identification data, namely:

email, full name, telephone number, address and date of birth.

The personal identification data processed by is intended for: Correct and accurate identification of the User, thus ensuring greater security and protection for the Users themselves;

Access to services and products made available by FINVYU;

Analysis of the User’s profile with the aim of indicating the best products and information according to their real needs and reality. In order to carry out a more accurate analysis of the User’s profile, FINVYU may carry out searches within your “feed” to obtain more and better information about your profile and thus indicate personalized products and services according to preferences and needs. of each User.

FINVYU and associated companies may invite Users to participate in satisfaction surveys, where they will be sent an email with the necessary guidance and the data collected will be used to administer the survey, in order to seek improvements in the system and products. , content and services offered by FINVYU and collaborating companies.

If the User contacts us to report a problem, question or obtain our support, we collect and store the user’s contact data, as well as the respective messages and other data necessary to investigate the problem or question, and this data is used. resolve any query based on the information collected, resolve queries, fix problems and improve the system, improving the FINVYU user experience.


When Users do not request free FINVYU content (E-books and Quizzes and similar) non-personal data may be tracked and collected indicating, among other details, which pages of the website were visited, when they were visited, which pages were visited, clicks in hyperlinks, what content or services were requested or indicated, among others.

FINVYU uses cookies to help collect data and IP (Internet Protocol) identification information; facilitate user navigation, helping to guarantee the security, protection and authenticity of data.

The User may, at any time, change whether or not to accept cookies in their browser settings, taking into account that when deactivating browsing cookies, some FINVYU functionalities may be affected.