For those who love online shopping or who use a wide range of platforms and streaming services, the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card becomes interesting and advantageous.

The benefits that come with the card are divided between different categories, which is very interesting, after all, they cater to different customer profiles and tastes.

These include: Waiver of some fees, earning points, cash back, among others.

Credit card pros and cons

HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus: What is the credit card limit?

A good credit limit is what the vast majority of people are looking for, however, the amounts available are analyzed individually through a credit analysis.

In other words, the amount released will depend on your annual income and the main thing: your credit history and good relationship with the banks where you have an account.

How to increase your card limit

A limit increase can be considered through different behaviors on the part of the cardholder, some of them are:

  • Advance payment of the invoice;
  • Late payments;
  • Do not exceed the card limit;
  • Registration update if there is a change in income.
  • HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Card Benefits

HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card Fees and Fees

Understand the amounts to be paid when using the services provided by the card:

  • Membership Fee: Rs. 500
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 500 (free if annual usage is Rs 50,000 or more)
  • Minimum Income Required: Self-Employed: Rs. 6 lakh annually / Salaried: Rs. 25,000h
  • Interest: 3.6% monthly;
  • Late Payment: Less than Rs. 100: Free;
  • Withdrawal fee: 2.5% of the withdrawn amount or the minimum amount of Rs. 500;
  • Withdrawal limit: 40%;
  • Additional card: Free;
  • Minimum refund amount: 5%;
  • Annual percentage rate: 43.30%;
  • International transactions: 3.50%;
  • Surcharge on fuel transactions: 1%;
  • 2nd copy of credit card: $$100.

About the bank

HDFC Bank Limited is recognized for the diversity of banking services offered to individuals and corporate entities.

The main sectors are: Treasury, Wholesale and Retail Banking, among other banking services to broadly meet various needs.

It is a private sector bank founded in India and its main focus is expanding international branches, which allows it to serve customers who are not residents of the country.

In 2023, a merger took place between HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd, which is a housing finance company, this merger took place to further improve the financial services available.

Opinion about HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card

Cards that offer points and cash back are usually advantageous, of course some offer better earnings and others not so much. But, we find HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus’ earnings interesting.

The fact that it is managed by HDFC and that it has the Visa brand, which is recognized worldwide, makes this card extremely attractive.

So if you want fair returns from a basic credit card that meets your needs and desires to get good financial returns, choosing this card is the right decision.

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