In a world where every transaction and purchase can be optimized to yield maximum returns, the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card emerges as a financial tool designed to enrich the spending experience of its users.

This credit card is not just a convenient mode of payment but also a vehicle for accumulating rewards and saving money on your daily expenditures.



With a generous reward structure and exclusive benefits, it positions itself as a smart choice for those looking to maximize their savings while enjoying a dynamic and active lifestyle.

Whether you are an avid shopper, a frequent traveler, or someone who values convenience and efficiency in their financial transactions, the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card promises to transform your regular spending into opportunities for savings.

Who is HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card for?

The first thing we should highlight is that this card is only available to those over 21 years of age and the maximum limit for requesting it is 60 years of age for salaried employees.

For self-employed people, the minimum age requirement is 21 years old and the maximum age limit is 65. Therefore, this card is ideal for anyone who meets the aforementioned requirements, regardless of the purpose of use.

Credit card benefits

Nothing better than knowing that the annual fee will be well paid for providing benefits that are useful when taking out a credit card, right?

Well, it’s time to know some of the benefits offered by the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card.

Exclusive dinners

Both on trips and on regular days after a tiring day at work, there is nothing better than having a beautiful meal in a great restaurant.

This is one of the advantages offered by Moneyback Plus, with it you can receive discounts of up to 15% in more than 2,000 restaurants spread across several cities.

Zero Liability

Whether due to an oversight or an unfortunate incident, know that you will not be held responsible for any fraud or purchases made without your authorization.

With the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card, the customer has the security that if something like this happens, a police report will be enough and everything will be resolved in the best possible way.

Money back

Did you know that you can earn money using your credit card? That’s right! With HDFC, the holder gets 10x CashPoints on Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Smart SuperStore and BigBasket.

EMI purchases made at local outlets earn customers 5x CashPoints and 2x every Rs. 150 spent on eligible purchases.

HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Card Key Details

There are important characteristics that cannot be left aside before applying for a credit card, understand what they are:

  • Flag: Visa;
  • Type: International;
  • Initial limit: Subject to credit analysis;
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 500
  • Negative accepted: No.

HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus: FAQ

You’ve probably already had questions about your credit card, so we’re going to answer the main questions about its use, see below:

How to activate your credit card

Activating the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card is very simple, once you have it in your hands, unlock it through the application that manages the card.

Ready! Now the card is activated for payments.

How to withdraw money with the card

Withdrawals with a credit card are made directly at the ATM, when you insert the card you will be able to see the “withdrawal” option.

But it is worth remembering that an advance fee will be charged corresponding to 2.5% of the amount withdrawn.

How to unblock the card

Before you start using your new credit card, you need to unlock it and create an account in the application that manages the card.

Once you register, log in and confirm receipt of the card. After that, the unlock option will be available.

Note: Unlocking is done immediately and the holder will be able to make payments at the same time as completing the request.

How to disable contactless payment

The first step to disable contactless is to go to the “cards” area and find the option to “disable” or “deactivate” contactless payment.

What happens if you don’t pay the invoice

Failure to pay your bill on time may result in your credit card being temporarily or permanently blocked.

In fact, in some cases the bank significantly reduces the available credit limit even after the debt has been paid in full.

Documents required to apply

Make sure that no required documents are missing while filling out the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card application form. Check out:

  • Recent documents proving your income: Form 16, income tax declaration, salary receipts;
  • Proof of identity: Passport, PAN card, driving license, UID and voter registration card;
  • Proof of housing: This proof must be provided with a fixed line account, electricity bill, PSU bank book and a copy of the passport;
  • Photo: Colored;
  • Bank statement: For the last 3 months.

How to Talk to HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus

Holders or future customers of the Moneyback Plus credit card can contact the following numbers:

  • Toll free: 1800-1600/ 1800-2600
    How to get HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card

Applying for the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus credit card can be done through the official HDFC website or by going in person to a physical branch closest to your residence.


Consumers looking for reasonable rewards in a basic credit card with useful perks and benefits can consider the HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus Credit Card a good option.

Click the button below to be redirected to the official website responsible for applying for a HDFC Bank Moneyback Plus card.


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