When it comes to investing, we know how complicated it is to obtain good capital to invest in the financial assets of your interest. If you have a good plan to build an investment portfolio, but don’t have the most important thing, money, then give Investment Loan Manulife a chance.

This can be a very practical way to gain experience as an investor, build a good investment portfolio and obtain great profits. Even without having the means to finance larger investments, all with installments that fit in your pocket and customizable payment methods.


It is worth mentioning that when applied correctly, the Investment Loan Manulife practically pays for itself, as it will yield profits. This way, clients who have some experience investing and want to increase their gains can feel more comfortable.

Fees and tariffs 

This is the type of loan most suitable for customers who think about the medium or preferably the long term, this means that interest rates are very important. Because, if the rates are too high, the payment period will increase the value of the loan requested too much.

Therefore, at Investment Loan Manulife the customer can request a loan with one of the most competitive rates on the financial market.

About Manulife bank

This loan is offered by Manulife, it is not exactly a bank, however it is one of the best international financial institutions. This institution aims to help its customers make the best possible decisions in all areas of their financial lives.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good assistant for your financial life, Manulife has a series of services that can be super useful for you.

Who is the loan for?

But after all, who exactly is the invest loan manulife for? This type of loan is aimed at investors, but not for all types of investors. If you want to apply for this type of loan, then it is very important that you are an investor willing to deal with risks.

And it has a long-term vision, so for conservative investors, this type of investment may not be as suitable, due to the certain degree of risk.

What is the Investment Loan Manulife limit?

When requesting your Investment Loan Manulife, you can customize several points of the loan, one of which is the amount requested during the credit application. Manulife offers its applicants amounts ranging from $10,000.00 to $300,000.00, so you can rest assured.

Well, it doesn’t matter if your objective is to set up a smaller investment, with R$10,000.00 or $20,000.00 dollars, or if you want to invest in assets with values ​​starting at $100,000.00 dollars. Well, Investment Loan Manulife has conditions capable of meeting your needs.

How to increase the amount contemplated

Some criteria will be analyzed during the credit application, such as whether this is your first investment, how much you earn and much more. Therefore, it is recommended that you are not a complete beginner and that you have a reasonable financial condition to obtain higher values.


When requesting this loan, you will need to have the Manulife application installed on your cell phone, as the request and management of the amount occurs through it. It is also possible to use the loan amount by investing in financial assets made available by Manulife.

Benefits of Investment Loan Manulife

Flexible values

One of Manulife’s main concerns when offering the Manulife Investment Loan to its customers is the amount available for the credit application. The objective is to serve investors of all types in the best possible way, whether those who invest less money.

Good conditions in the long term

Many loans have conditions aimed at the short or medium term, but this type of loan has the best conditions for the long term. So that you don’t go through trouble paying absurd installments or suffer from interest rates.

Request multiple times

Many loans restrict the number of times the customer can request the loan, but with Investment Loan Manulife this problem does not exist. It doesn’t matter how many times you want to apply for the loan, as long as you are able to pay the installments, your request will be approved.

Main credit details for investments

Type of loan

The Investment Loan Manulife is an investment loan, that is, a loan that is intended to be used to invest in assets. This loan must have conditions that allow its installments to be lower than the profits obtained.

Payment term

Payment terms vary greatly depending on the client’s profile, the more experienced you are, the greater the chances of obtaining longer terms. But, as this is a loan designed for medium and long-term investment, the terms are quite reasonable.


The maximum interest rate on this loan is 8.2%, below the profits obtained on the main investments, whether fixed or variable income. Therefore, its clients can select a wide range of assets when investing the amount available in Investment Loan Manulife.

Accept negative

It is unlikely that a negative person will be approved for Investment Loan Manulife, as the values ​​are high and the destination of the value is quite specific. However, in principle there are no express prohibitions, so it is worth trying, as under specific conditions it is possible to obtain approval;

More services from Manulife bank

Manulife, in addition to offering loans such as the Investment Loan Manulife, also has more varied services, such as investments. Or even credit cards and bank accounts, so we recommend that you take advantage of this moment to open your account with Manulife.

Therefore, you will need to log in to continue with the other steps of applying for the Investment Loan Manulife, as well as to access the other services. This account will be very useful, especially for customers who want to invest through the Manulife platform.

Common questions

What defines the interest rate?

This loan, like many other loans on the market, has a variable interest rate, ranging from 7.2% to 8.2% interest, for which some factors are analyzed. The main one is the value, the lower the loan value, the higher the interest rate charged.

However, you may have a lower interest rate even on lower loans, this may be due to how long you have been a Manulife customer.

How long does the screening take?

Typically, you will receive a response to your Investment Loan Manulife credit application within 72 hours, but it is possible to get approval on the same day. The date and time of the request greatly influences this, for example, if you request on a Monday morning.

The analysis response will be sent much faster than requests made at night during a weekend, so pay attention to this detail.

How can I manage the value?

To manage the value of this loan, you will need to open a Manulife account, after contemplation you will have a choice to make. You will need to decide whether it is worth keeping the money in your Manulife account, or transferring it to another account.

If you intend to invest the money in the company’s assets, it is not worth transferring the money, but if this is not the case, you are completely free.

Documents required to apply for the loan

But, what do you need to present to apply for this loan? You will need to have a few documents with you, check the list below:

  • Official identity document with photo
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address

How to talk to Manulife

If you need to get in touch with Manulife, but don’t know how to establish contact, you can use means such as the company’s social networks. To make the good old call, this is also a possibility, to do so, simply make a call to the following number: 1-800-268-6195.

Just remember to call from 08:00 in the morning until no later than 08:00 at night, as these are Manulife’s customer service hours.

How to apply for Investment Loan Manulife

To apply for this loan you will only need to follow a few super simple and intuitive steps. Check out what to do below to secure your credit application.

  1. Access the Manulife app
  2. In the loan field, select Investment Loan Manulife
  3. Present all requested documents
  4. Fill in the fields with the necessary information
  5. Select the conditions that best meet your needs
  6. Wait for the screening process


This is one of the best loans available for investors who want to set up their first investment portfolio or expand their range of assets. If you are in either of these two scenarios, then Investment Loan Manulife has everything you need in one place.

As we have just demonstrated, the request is completely simple, being completed in around 5 minutes, with approval in less than 72 hours. So, if you can’t wait to build your investment portfolio and are in a hurry to get your goals out of the drawer.

So, the approval speed of Investment Loan Manulife is one of the characteristics that will be most beneficial for you and your investments.