Have you ever heard of consumer credit? This type of loan is a way of stimulating consumption by customers, this consumption can be quite diverse. Varying both according to the customer’s desire and depending on the financial institutions, today we will introduce you to Export and Development Canada consumer credit.

This loan was created specifically for consumption in the business sphere, more specifically with regard to export and internal development. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking about transforming your previously national company into an international venture.


Or if you’re just looking for a way to expand your business, but you don’t have the capital to do so, with Export and Development Canada consumer credit you’ll find what you need. Having the best means at your disposal to finance the development of your business.

Fees and tariffs 

There are several forms of financing with EDC consumer credit, each option has its own rate. This type of credit can be made available as financing, loan or even as a consumer line of credit.

Each type of transaction has different fees, so it is necessary to contact the company to access information about fees. This is because rates not only vary according to the type of Export and Development Canada consumer credit financing.

The profile of each client is also decisive when it comes to interest rates, that is, depending on how much you receive, the size of your business and other details. The fees charged by the institution may be higher or lower, so do a simulation now.

About EDC Bank

The institution that offers this credit is Exportation and Development Canada, also known by the acronym EDC, this company has a series of services for entrepreneurs. So, if you are the type of client who likes to explore new opportunities in your business.

And you’re looking for a companion for all occasions, then Export and Development Canada has everything you could want. Ranging from investment programs that can be very useful for your financial life, to financial programs of the most diverse types.

Who is Consumer Credit Export and Development Canada for?

This loan is recommended for small or medium-sized entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to enter the export market. Or those who wish to continue trading only in the country, but are interested in increasing the profits of their enterprise, whether by entering other sectors or opening branches.

The best part of Export and Development Canada consumer credit is that it leaves you completely free to apply the amount however you wish. Therefore, you can let your creativity take over when investing money from Export and Development Canada consumer credit.

What is the Export and Development Canada consumer credit limit?

Although there is no initial limit on Export and Development Canada consumer credit, there is a maximum amount of $100,000.00. So, the only limitation you will have when it comes to applying the amount received through this loan.

It is the maximum amount, but since the target audience for the loan is small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, this amount is more than enough. With $100,000.00 it would be difficult for a medium-sized company to get a plan off the ground, no matter how big it may be.

How to increase your loan limit

Even though the maximum limit for Export and Development Canada consumer credit is $100,000.00 per application, this does not mean that you will get the full $100,000.00 dollars. As with any other loan, there is a credit analysis after the application.

During the request, it is important to present updated data, especially regarding your billing, this will influence the value offered. Furthermore, not having defaulted when applying for loans previously is also essential to getting a good amount.


This financial institution has its own application, which is essential for using the requested amount, and even for requesting Export and Development Canada consumer credit. So, if you haven’t installed it on your mobile device yet, take the time to do so.

Because, it will be impossible to continue the process of requesting your loan without the application being installed on your cell phone, you will also need to log in. Both installation and registration take just a few minutes, and the app is compatible with iOS or Android.

Credit card benefits

Payment diversity

The first major advantage of EDC consumer credit is its diversity of payment methods. With this financing you will not feel tied to a single form of transaction, you can choose to borrow in the way that is most advantageous for you.

Flexible deadlines

It doesn’t matter if you are applying for your Export and Development Canada consumer credit in the form of a loan, line of credit or financing. In each of the three options you can choose completely comfortable terms that will guarantee affordable installments.

Rates that fit your pocket

And finally, we have the Export and Development Canada consumer credit rates, this loan has the best rates on the market. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about loans, lines of credit or financing, the fees won’t weigh on your pocket at all.

Key loan details

  • Type: Consumer credit for Export and Development Canada has three categories, lines of credit, loans and finally financing.
  • Initial limit: As we mentioned previously, Export and Development Canada consumer credit only has a maximum limit, without a defined initial limit.
  • Fees: Regarding interest, this loan has variable interest rates, which are defined according to the characteristics of each client, so such information is only available after a brief analysis.
  • Accept negative: Export and Development Canada consumer credit does not accept negative claims, as it is aimed at entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses.

More bank services

These banks are quite varied, but they are all aimed at entrepreneurs, among the main services are investment programs. So, if in addition to applying the value of this loan entering the international market, you also want to invest in other means, you can count on EDC.

Common questions

Do I receive the amount immediately?
When applying for your loan, you will need to wait a short period for the screening process to take place, and you will finally be considered.
What are the payment deadlines?
This detail, as well as the loan's interest rate, is defined at the time of credit analysis, which occurs before the Export and Development Canada consumer credit application.
Do I need to leave the house to apply?
No, you can request this loan without leaving home, to do so, simply access the EDC application, following the steps that we will soon teach you how to perform.

Documents required to apply

To apply for EDC consumer credit, you will need to present the following documents:

  • Official photo identification document
  • All documentation for your enterprise
  • Proof of address

How to talk to EDC

If there is a problem with your Export and Development Canada consumer credit, you can get in touch to get an answer and find a solution. There are several ways to do this, such as, for example, Export and Development Canada’s Instagram or Facebook.

However, if you need other means of contacting Export and Development Canada, you can call the following number: 1-866-716-7201.

How to apply for the loan?

To apply for EDC consumer credit you just need to follow a few super simple and intuitive steps.

First of all, you must have the documents mentioned above with you and have the application installed on your cell phone. Having done this, fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Access the EDC app
  2. Select consumer credit 
  3. Carry out a simulation
  4. Submit the requested documents
  5. Select the best conditions for you
  6. Customize the receipt method

After requesting the loan, you will only need to wait a few days, on average the response will be sent to your email within 24 hours to 72 hours after the request.

Opinion about the loan

Applying for EDC consumer credit is completely simple and even those who are not experienced with technology can make the request without any major problems. Therefore, you tend to stay away from loans due to bureaucracy.

Then, consumer credit export and development Canada is certainly a loan that has been completely created for you. Well, there is no bureaucracy in this type of loan, with just a few minutes of your day you can request your loan.

If you get along with EDC consumer credit, know that you can apply as many times as you want. Because, there are no limitations on the number of requests for the loan in question, so feel free to repeat the request, but remember to try to balance the costs of each installment, so as not to end up defaulting.