If you don’t want to go through trouble in the corporate world, then the Axis bank executive corporate credit card will be an indispensable partner.

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But, do you know what makes a card like this so important? In general, managing a company is quite complicated.

Not only in terms of the difficulties of leading the team, attracting customers or having a good product, one of the biggest difficulties in this environment is dealing with expenses.

Because they are very numerous and considerably high, the payment method makes all the difference to the financial life of your business.

Even though Axis bank executive corporate is a credit card, its use is slightly different, as its main use is business spending. In other words, it is not intended to be used as a day-to-day payment method, so it is necessary to adapt the way you use the card.

Fees and tariffs

Something visibly different about the Axis bank executive corporate card are its rates, basically, these rates are negotiated with each company.

In other words, each entrepreneur will have their own interest rate, so some ventures may have an extremely low interest rate.

While other ventures may have a very high interest rate, this will largely depend on the negotiation between the company and the bank.

It is worth mentioning that the size of the company has a major impact as each business will pay the fees and charges for the Axis bank executive corporate card.

About Axis bank

The Axis bank executive corporate credit card is offered by Axis bank, a company whose credit cards offer creative solutions to everyday problems. This bank has a wide range of cards available to Axis bank customers, if you need good payment methods.

And you want to leave banknotes aside, then know that Axis bank certainly has the most suitable credit card option for your profile.

Ranging from credit cards for entrepreneurs who want to manage their companies in the best way possible, to tourists looking for a way to travel with more comfort and ease.

What is the limit on the Axis bank executive corporate credit card?

The limit on the Axis bank executive corporate card is one of the highest in the financial market, as it is aimed at medium or large entrepreneurs.

With the credit card in question, you can either pay for your routine business expenses or spend only on special occasions.

For example, so that you can finance an international trip for your team, for training purposes or for company innovation.

Therefore, the Axis bank executive corporate card is a great business tool for executives who want to progress.

How to increase the Axis bank executive corporate card limit

Even though it is a card aimed at executives, it is possible that the credit card’s initial limit does not match the size of your business. In this case, you can request a credit increase, this doesn’t take long and the credit analysis takes place quickly.

So, it is important that you take the time to apply for credit again, as your limit may increase immensely. Therefore, if your initial credit limit on the Axis bank executive corporate card is not to your liking, there is no reason to worry.


The credit card application is very important for requesting, managing and also using this credit card, so don’t forget to install it. This will be essential for you to use all the benefits of the Axis bank executive corporate credit card.

The app can be installed for free on Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores within a few minutes. In addition, the bank account can also be opened for free, the Axis bank executive corporate card depends on the bank account.

Why apply for this card?

The Axis bank executive corporate card is a practical way to manage your finances, in addition to paying your bills, you can also manage your payments.

For example, customers who use this credit card can separate their expenses into categories, the same can be done with the discounts applied.

This way, you can understand which expenses are weighing the most on your company’s budget, being very useful when cutting expenses to balance the accounts.

You can also use this card to organize company celebrations for much less.


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