For consumers who love shopping at Walmart supermarkets, it is now possible to make payment easier in all of the chain’s stores, and also in any other place where the consumer wishes to use their card.

In addition to the ease of payments, it is also possible to receive a large amount of rewards just for using the Walmart Rewards Mastercard credit card, all without major bureaucracy in approval analysis.



Of course, you need to understand more about what the card offers and what fees you have to pay for it, for this reason, we did a complete analysis of the card and included important points to be seen in this article.

Keep reading to understand everything you need to know about this credit card!

Who is the credit card for Walmart Rewards Mastercard?

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is perfect for customers looking to earn points by making daily purchases with benefits such as cashback and the various advantages that the Mastercard brand offers to credit card users.

Credit card benefits Walmart Rewards Mastercard

In addition to an attractive limit, a card needs benefits and advantages to be complete. Walmart Rewards is no different, now discover some of the various benefits offered:

  • Cashback on your purchases: Earn cash back as a reward for using your credit card, with the Walmart Rewards card consumers earn up to 5% on all purchases made on the website;
  • Make redemptions and save money: For all purchases made using the card, Walmart customers will have access to accumulated points to exchange for travel, gift cards, cash, among many other options;
  • No need to prove income: To access the card’s benefits, the consumer does not need to worry about proving high income, the card is analyzed based on the Score score;
  • There are no hidden fees: One of the main advantages of being a Walmart Rewards customer is not having to worry about the famous fees that are hidden in the tiny letters of the contract;
  • Benefits of the Mastercard brand: The card user has the possibility of taking advantage of several benefits that the Mastercard brand offers. (See terms and conditions).

Credit card limit

The card operator did not inform the credit limit offered when approving the Walmart Rewards Mastercard card, the limit is generally defined by each user’s payment history.

In other words, one of the main factors for receiving a good credit limit is paying your bills in advance or paying your invoices on the due date without delay, which will automatically improve your Score.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard: Fees and tariffs

Understand better how Walmart Rewards card fees work:

  • Interest rates: When applying for the card, some fees will be charged, including a rate of 13.65%, which can reach up to 19.65% when making purchases, this rate will be defined using the account model the user has;
  • International transaction fees: If it is in the customer’s interest to use the card function that allows international purchases, it is important to know that a 3% fee will be charged for this type of transaction;
  • Fees for late payment of the invoice: As with any card, late payment of the card invoice generates an interest charge, in the case of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard the amount to be paid will be US$35;
  • Fees for exceeding card limits: If the customer exceeds the total amount of their credit card limit on their purchases, the fee to be paid can reach US$25.

How to request?

To apply for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard card, you must complete a few steps before approval. To make your order easier we have done a step by step guide, now see what to do:

  • Enter the official website and go to the “credit card” area;
  • A possible qualification tool will be available to the user;
  • After using the tool and being pre-qualified, a form will be available;
  • Complete this form with all requested information;
  • Wait for a Walmart representative to contact you;
  • A contract will be sent, read all the information carefully;
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the contract after reviewing.

After this process, your card will be delivered to the address registered at the time of your request. See how simple it is? Now just wait to enjoy all the benefits of your Walmart card!

Opinion about the card

Just the fact that the card is from the Mastercard brand already leads the consumer to have an additional advantage when choosing the Walmart card, after all, it offers several exclusive advantages to the customer.

The most important thing before applying for the card is to check all the fees charged for using the card, which may be considered a little above average, and determine whether the amounts charged could affect your pocket in any way.

One of the positive highlights is cashback, which offers a good percentage of earnings on purchases made, which is of great help when saving money.

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