We can consider that a card with advantages for consumers who concentrate their spending on credit cards is the starting point for those who want to create an attractive credit history.

Using the card in a healthy way helps your Score, your credit history, and most importantly, which is what almost everyone is looking for, a good limit value on the card.



There are several card options on the financial market, but among them, some stand out for what they offer the consumer. Today we chose to highlight Simply Cash Preferred, which in addition to several benefits can also be used to save, with the famous cashback.

See now how the Simply Cash Preferred card works and what is special about it for American Express customers.

Who is the credit card SimplyCash Preferred

Simply Cash Preferred was made for any consumer looking for a card with acceptable interest rates and varied benefits in a single credit card.

Ideal for customers looking for security and practicality when making daily or monthly purchases to purchase goods for their home, with cash payments or installments.

How to request SimplyCash Preferred?

We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you contact the bank when applying for your Simply Cash Preferred card. Here’s what to do:

  1. Your first contact must be made through the official American Express website;
  2. After accessing the website, go to the “credit cards” section;
  3. Click on the “request card” option when viewing the Simply Cash description;
  4. Enter all your personal details in the requested fields;
  5. Read the contract and accept the card’s terms and conditions.

Now that your request has been sent, you must wait for analysis from the card operator who will send the response via the email you registered in the form.

Credit card benefits

With the Simply Cash Preferred card we can highlight some of the benefits that the customer will have when applying for the card. Check out what they are:

  • Emergency medical insurance: Stay insured during your travels outside of Canada with coverage up to US$5,000,000. See eligible emergencies, terms and conditions;
  • Insurance for flight delays: To cover your expenses in case of boarding delays, up to US$500 is available for you to buy food or accommodate yourself while you wait. (See insurance conditions);
  • Travel accident insurance: Count on coverage of up to US$100,000 for fatal or serious dismemberment accidents;
  • Car rental insurance: If the rental car is damaged or stolen, the insurance will cover cars that are rented for a value of up to US$85,000 for rentals of up to 48 days;
  • 24-hour service: Get assistance 24 hours a day whenever you need it, every day of the week;
  • Fraud Protection: Safely use your Simply Cash Preferred card without worrying about scammers;
  • Access loans: Flexible loans are available to American Express customers, check the conditions;
  • Insurance for your cell phone: When you buy your cell phone using Simply Cash Preferred you get insurance for 2 years, with coverage of up to US$1,000 per device.

Credit card limit

Each customer receives an amount based on their monthly income and their credit card purchase history; for this reason, an initial limit amount is not provided by American Express.

SimplyCash Preferred: Fees and tariffs

Find out now what the fees are for the Simply Cash Preferred card:

  • Card type: Credit;
  • Card annual fee: US$9.99 monthly with a total annual value of US$119.88;
  • Interest rate for purchases: 20.99%;
  • Interest rate on advances: 21.99%;
  • Fee for additional cards: No charge.

Cashback benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, the card also offers cash back on your purchases, understand how it works:

  • Purchases made at gas stations: Receive 4% cashback when you spend on your card at any gas station that is part of the American Express cashback program in Canada;
  • Supermarkets: If you want to save money shopping in supermarkets, simply choose one that is part of the program, guaranteeing up to 4% cashback on purchases made in Canada;
  • Any location that is part of the program: Receive 2% cashback on any purchase you make with your Simply Cash Preferred card, and best of all, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Opinion about the card

Simply Cash Preferred is very interesting, especially for consumers who are just starting their financial life and want to create a good credit history, its analysis is more flexible and has a good value for money.

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