The Scotia Momentum Business Visa is a business card, offering a variety of benefits aimed at expanding business growth. Therefore, it can be an essential tool to boost your business and increase its profitability.


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Who is the credit card for Scotia Momentum Business?

The Scotia Momentum Business Visa is recommended for entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business and make it increasingly successful, with exclusive advantages that contribute to the success of these ventures.

However, before applying for this credit card, you must have a credit score above 660, a minimum income of $60,000 per year and an annual family income of $100,000.

Credit card benefits Scotia Momentum Business

The Scotia Momentum Business Visa features several attractive benefits for business owners. You can check if they make sense for your professional situation and the demands of your business.

See these differences below:

  • Offers 3% cashback on eligible purchases made at gas stations, restaurants and office supply stores, and on eligible recurring bill payments;
  • Provides 1% cashback on all other daily purchases for your business;
  • Features a 25-day interest-free grace period on new purchases (that is, you have up to 25 days to pay for a specific purchase without having to bear interest);
  • Displays Emergency Medical Travel Insurance, directed to eligible persons under the age of 65 for up to eight consecutive days and to eligible persons aged 65 and over for up to three consecutive days.

Scotia Momentum Business credit card limit

The Scotia Momentum Business Visa has a minimum limit of $500 and can reach up to $150,000 without the need for collateral.

Scotia Momentum Business: Fees and tariffs

Applying for The Scotia Momentum Business Visa credit card is simple and takes about 20 minutes.

Watch our step-by-step guide below:

  • Carefully read the information requested by the card issuer;
  • Click on “Agree & Continue”;
  • Check if you are already a Scotiabank customer, select your business structure and answer the main industry in which your business operates;
  • Click on “Next”;
  • Fill in your personal information, such as full name;
  • Click on “Next”;
  • Enter your contact details, such as phone number and email;
  • Click on “Next”;
  • Provide your financial information and information about your business;
  • Click on “Next”;
  • Finish your application.

You receive a response to your request in approximately ten minutes. If approved, your The Scotia Momentum Business Visa card will arrive at your address in approximately 14 business days.

Opinion about the card

The Scotia Momentum Business Visa credit card is an interesting and economical choice for entrepreneurs who want to intensify the growth of their business without having to spend a lot.

However, the minimum credit limit of $500 can be a negative factor for consumers who may have higher expenses in their ventures.

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