The MBNA True Line Mastercard credit card is an interesting choice for people who want to have a credit card without worrying about the annual fee. Thus, users of this resource can preserve their financial health, while still taking advantage of the advantages it offers.


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Who is the credit card for MBNA True Line Mastercard?

The MBNA True Line Mastercard is recommended for people who do not want to spend a lot on credit card fees and charges, saving money for other expenses.

However, for the card application to be accepted, the interested person must have a credit score above 660.

Credit card benefits MBNA True Line Mastercard

The MBNA True Line Mastercard offers several benefits that are attractive to consumers. You can analyze these advantages to see if they match your financial needs and your way of life.

Note some of these differences below:

  • You, being a new customer, may receive a welcome offer. It involves a 0% annual interest rate for balance transfers for 12 months (but look: these transfers must have been made within 90 days of opening your account);
  • MBNA has strict security and privacy measures, ensuring the protection of customer data;
  • You can add up to 9 authorized users to your account with no additional annual fee for them;
  • In cases of emergency, certain services are available, such as emergency card replacement, which takes up to 10 days.

Credit card limit

The MBNA True Line Mastercard does not have a pre-defined credit limit. It is established according to the personal analysis of each client, which allows for greater customization of value.

MBNA True Line Mastercard: Fees and tariffs

Just like the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard, the MBNA True Line Mastercard credit card is a fruitful choice for consumers as its rates are lower.

See below:

  • The card does not have an annual fee;
  • It features a standard interest rate of 12.99% on purchases;
  • It has a standard interest rate of 24.99% for cash advances, that is, cash withdrawals using a credit card;
  • Displays a standard interest rate for balance transfers, which is 12.99%;
  • If payment of the card is not made by the due date within two months, within a period of 12 consecutive months, the annual interest rates will increase, with the rate for purchases being 19.99%, the rate for advances will become 24.99% and balance transfer will be 21.99%;
  • In relation to transactions made using foreign currencies, in addition to the exchange rate, a fee of 2.5% of the value of the transaction carried out is charged;
  • When you use automated teller machines (ATM) to withdraw money using your card, a fee of 1% of the withdrawal amount is charged;
  • Still on the same situation as above, if you withdraw an amount less than $7.50, you will receive a minimum fee of $7.50;
  • If you transfer your balance to another account, a fee of 1% of the balance transfer amount is charged;
  • If the transfer fee is less than $7.50, a minimum fee of $7.50 will be collected;
  • For balance transfers, there is a 1% fee on the value of that transaction;
  • If the transfer fee is less than $7.50, a minimum fee of $7.50 will be collected;
  • If you make a payment and it is returned, a $20 fee will be charged for each return;
  • If you wish to request additional copies of the account statement or sales receipts, a fee of $2.50 for each copy will be applied;
  • Finally, if you spend more money on your credit card, exceeding the set limit, you will be charged a fee of $29.00.

It is worth mentioning that the brand of the card mentioned is Mastercard and it can be used internationally.

How to request?

To order your MBNA True Line Mastercard credit card, follow our step by step guide:

  1. Access the Registration Form;
  2. Read the information available about the card;
  3. Select the Consent for Electronic Documents option;
  4. Check whether or not you are a resident citizen of Canada;
  5. Fill in your details, such as name, address, housing status (if you are a tenant or owner of your home, for example), how many years you have lived in your residence, check if the address filled in is different from the mailing address and enter the your contact telephone number;
  6. Then enter your social security number, your date of birth, your mother’s maiden name and your email;
  7. Select your employment and financial information;
  8. You can choose the option to add an authorized user (a family member, for example);
  9. It is possible to request a balance transfer from the MBNA card to pay the balance of other credit cards, making it easier to control your debts;
  10. There is the chance to enter the Paycheck Protection Plan, which offers benefits in the event of death, total disability and job loss, with maximum coverage of $25,000.After that, just review the data you filled in;
  11. And finally, you need to confirm your request.

You receive a response to your request in less than two minutes. If the application is approved, your MBNA True Line Mastercard will arrive at your address within a maximum of 10 business days.

Opinion about the card

The MBNA True Line Mastercard credit card is a more economical solution, as it does not have very high fees and is a card with no annual fees.

However, the lack of a benefits program that guarantees the exchange of points for its users can be a negative factor.

Furthermore, this card is not a viable option for people who have a negative score. If this is your case, there are other options that may make more sense for your current financial situation.

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