It is impossible to deny that with a credit card everything becomes easier, of course when it is used wisely and under control by the card user.

After all, a credit card full of advantages and benefits without any control over your finances is very complicated to maintain.



Specifically in Canada, the majority of payments are made by credit card, expenses include supermarkets, bakeries, gas stations and several other places that are used frequently.

And to make good use of your credit card you need to choose the right card, and to help you in this search we created this article about the MBNA World Elite Mastercard, keep reading to find out everything about it!

Who is the credit card for MBNA World Elite MasterCard?

The MBNA World Elite Mastercard credit card was created with the intention of offering a card where consumers can decide how to focus their monthly spending.

Whether for everyday purchases, or for larger purchases such as household appliances, cell phones, or even for international purchases during your travels.

How to request?

Want to know how to request your card now? Check out this step-by-step guide for applying for MBNA:

  • The first step is to enter the official mbna website;
  • Now you must enter the “credit cards” area;
  • After that, find the MBNA World Elite card;
  • Check if it is the card you want and click “request card”;
  • Read the terms of the contract and accept the conditions;
  • Now fill in all the requested fields with your personal details;
  • Submit your proposal and wait for the credit analysis.

Once the analysis is carried out, if your request is approved, the card will arrive at your home within a few days.

Credit card limit

The initial limit of the MBNA Elite Mastercard card was not informed, it is defined after the credit analysis carried out by the card operator, the criteria used in this analysis were also not informed.

MBNA World Elite MasterCard: Fees and tariffs

Before ordering your credit card, understand what fees and charges it charges:

  • International transaction fee: To use the card’s international activation, you must pay a fee greater than 2%;
  • Interest on balance transfers: 22.99%;
  • Interest rate for purchases: 19.99%;
  • Rate for cash advances: 24.99%;
  • Credit card annual fee: A fee of US$120 must be paid annually by the cardholder;
  • Fee for additional card: If the cardholder is interested in requesting an additional card, a fee of US$50 will be charged per card requested;
  • Fine for late payment of the invoice: The amount charged for late payment of the invoice was not disclosed, check the amount directly with the card operator.

It is possible to check all fees and charges charged in the card membership contract, always read them carefully before finalizing your contract.

Credit card benefits MBNA World Elite MasterCard

Among the varied benefits that the MBNA World Elite Mastercard offers to its customers are:

  • Points without expiration date: All points accumulated on the MBNA card can be used whenever the customer decides, no deadline is established for the points to be used;
  • Earn bonuses on your birthday: To make your day more special, a bonus in the form of points is offered for your birthday, which can be exchanged for eligible products;
  • Cell phone insurance: Access insurance for your cell phone purchased with the MBNA credit card (see terms and conditions);
  • Insurance during your trips: MBNA customers have the benefit of insurance for their trips with coverage of up to 1 million, see the eligible conditions;
  • Accumulate points on your purchases: To help consumers save money on their purchases, the MBNA Elite Mastercard offers 1 point for every dollar spent with the credit card on purchases that are part of the program;
  • Receive a welcome bonus: A super bonus of 30,000 points is offered to the cardholder as a welcome.

Opinion about the card

The MBNA World Elite Mastercard card can be considered a complete card with advantages, benefits and excellent coverage as it is international.

Some fees are a little higher than what the consumer would like to pay, but taking into account the benefits and insurance offered by the card brand, we can say that it is a fair price to pay.

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