If you’re looking for a credit card with attractive benefits and an unparalleled cashback program, the Discover It Student Cashback might be the ideal choice for you.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to apply for your card quickly and simply, directly from the official website, and other important information about it.

With customization options and the promise of a first-year annual fee waiver, this card offers a unique opportunity for students to start building their credit history.

Follow the information and find out how to secure your Discover It Student Cashback card today!

Who is the Discover it student cashback credit card for?

This card was specifically created for college students who want to start building a responsible credit history while earning rewarding benefits.

What is the credit card limit?

The Discover It Cashback card does not have a fixed credit limit; that is, it is not standardized. The analysis is done individually, looking at your personal history and how much you earn.

Thus, we can define that the credit limit of this card is personalized and flexible for adjustments.

What we can affirm is that there is an initial minimum limit for everyone, after you are approved, an initial amount of $500 will be granted, but this amount can be increased over time.

This ensures that everyone has at least a little bit of credit to start using. And the cool part is that there is no limit to receiving cashback!

How to increase the card limit

Securing an increase in the credit card limit, like the Discover it Student Cashback, can be an important step to expand your financial capacity and build a solid credit history.

By adopting measures and cultivating healthy financial habits, you can increase your chances of having a higher credit limit and achieving greater financial flexibility.

Using the card responsibly is the first step to achieving a good credit limit, the ideal is never to exceed the limit set by the institution.

Always maintain a good relationship with the bank, pay the bills on time which automatically influences a better score, this way, the path to increase the card limit will be much easier.

Benefits of the credit card

Understand some of the advantages of applying for the card:

Receive alerts

Discover offers security alerts to protect their customers against identity theft. They frequently monitor the web and your Experian credit report for any suspicious activity.

If your Social Security number is found on the dark web or a new account is opened in your name and placed on your credit report, Discover will notify you immediately.

Welcome tolerance

A thoughtful consumer policy regarding payment delays can be found on the Discover it student cashback card.

In case of a late payment, the first time, no penalty will be applied. This means you won’t have to worry about additional costs from an unfortunate payment delay.

Even in situations of delay, your interest rate will not be increased. This ensures that you are not financially penalized for a single payment failure.

Cash withdrawal during purchases

When finalizing purchases made through the credit card at a cash register that allows withdrawals, the customer saves a trip to the ATM.

With this benefit, no transaction, ATM, or additional fees will be charged. In some stores, it will be possible to withdraw up to $120 every 24 hours.

Main details of the card

  • Brand: Discover;
  • Type: International;
  • Initial limit: Adjustable;
  • Annual fee: Free;
  • Rotating interest: 18.24% to 27.24%;
  • Accepts negative credit: No.

Documents required to apply

Discover Bank is an FDIC-insured bank owned and operated by Discover Financial Services.

To apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card, you will need to present some basic documents.

This includes a form of identification, such as an ID or passport, to prove who you are. You will also need to show that you are a student, so you should present a student ID or university enrollment certificate.

Information about your current income will be requested, and contact details, such as address, phone number, and email.

Reminder: In the United States, it is mandatory to present the Social Security number.

How to contact Discover it® Student Cash Back

For questions, clarifications, or complaints, contact through:

  • Customer service (English and Spanish): 1-800-347-2683;
  • Outside the US territory: 1-224-888-7777;
  • Hearing or speech impaired: 711.

How to apply for the credit card?

Step by Step to apply for the Discover It Student Cashback credit card:

  • Access the official Discover It Cashback website: Visit the official Discover It “Discover It Student Cashback” website in your preferred search engine;
  • Choose the “Apply Now” option: Upon accessing the site, you will see the option to apply or apply for a card;
  • Fill in your personal details: You will be directed to a registration where you will need to provide basic personal information;
  • Choose the design of your card: The Discover It Student Cashback offers the option to customize the look of your card;
  • Complete the form: After choosing the design, proceed to fill in all the information requested in the form;
  • Submit the application: After completing all the fields of the form, make a review of the information to ensure they are correct;
  • Wait for the analysis: Discover It will conduct a credit analysis to determine your eligibility for the card.

If your application is approved, a notification will be received informing about the approval and the next steps to follow.

This may include confirming the credit limit granted and the delivery of the card.


The Discover it® Student Cash Back stands out as an excellent option among credit cards for students.

With an annual fee of $0 and generous cash rewards, including a welcome bonus in the first year, this card offers accessible and advantageous terms.

By using the card responsibly, students without a credit history can build a good financial reputation.

However, for those who value simplicity, it may be more advantageous to consider a cashback card with a fixed rate or a card that allows earning bonuses in specific categories.