What is your expectation with a credit card? When trying to apply for one, most people will, of course, not be too willing to search for more information.

That is because those things are usually scattered around the internet, and it takes longer than it should.


Well, today we are talking about the Brim Mastercard credit card, and to make so that you do not need to go to different websites, we gather all the information needed for the credit card.


If you want to apply for it, come here and find everything you need to know.

Who is the Brim Mastercard credit card for?

If you are trying to learn more about the Brim Mastercard credit card, then the best thing to do is ask who this card is for. You see, applying for a credit card like this one is not hard, since it is all made online, just a few minutes and you get what you want.

The thing is, this card is also free of use. You can apply for the Brim Mastercard credit card and use it anywhere you want. No matter what you want from it. Now, of course it will not have some things like insurances on many traveling areas like traveling cards.

Or even a lot of cashback like you can get with cashback cards. Instead, this card focuses a bit on every thing you can see. You can use it for groceries, traveling, for just going around on the road and all. This card is for everyone and everything.

Credit card benefits

The Brim Mastercard credit card has so many benefits, that the first four we mentioned above need to be explored more. Because in them, we have so much more for you. Down below, we bring you a list with the best benefits this card has.

Insurance coverage

One of the main things you will find with the Brim Mastercard credit card is the insurance coverage. When a card has no fee, it is normal to get some type of insurance. In this case, the card has 5 coverages in total. And they will all help you.

In it, you can find the extended warranty, mobile insurance, no foreign exchange fee, the purchase assurance, and the travel accident insurance. With all of these, you will for sure see the best of the card, and be able to use it a lot.

Very secure

The Brim Mastercard credit card is, of course, a very secure credit card. With it, you will without a doubt see that security is not lacking in this one. The card is a MasterCard, so it has access to the MasterCard benefits, like the security ones.

You have the ability to not only lock your card instantly, but also lock it just for online or foreign currency purchases. Not only that, but you can also set spending limits on authorized users. Furthermore, you can receive instant purchase notifications.

Access to mobile wallets

When you get a card, you may see some of them have access to some of the mobile wallets. These wallets are made for people who want to use the card and pay in a faster and easier way than you normally would on everyday purchases.

And the Brim Mastercard credit card, of course, has access to not only one, not only two, but to all five mobile wallets. They are: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung pay, Fitbit pay and Garmin pay. This way, buying is even faster.

Main card details

  • Brand of the card: MasterCard;
  • Type of card: international;
  • Initial limit: not informed;
  • Annual fee: free;
  • Revolving interest: 19.99%;
  • Accept negative: no.

More bank services

The Brim Mastercard credit card, a quite young company. We do not have much information about it, but what we can say is that, being a young company and also a fintech, it does not have any extra services. The company only gives credit cards.

But it is important to learn that the company does not only hand out the Brim Mastercard credit card. There are multiple credit cards that the company will have access, and you will be able to apply to without any problem.

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in the Brim Mastercard credit card? Come find the answers to the most asked questions.

How to activate your credit card

To activate your card, do it in the app.

How to withdraw money with the Brim Mastercard credit card

Go to an ATM to take money.

What is the annual fee for the card?

The card is free.

How to unblock the Brim Mastercard credit card

Unblocking the credit card can be done thought the app or with the company.

How to disable contactless payment

Normally, if you want to disable contactless payments, you need to ask the company if it is possible. If it ends up being possible, you can do it with their help.

Is it a credit or debit card?

This is a credit card.

happens if you don’t pay the invoice

When you do not pay the invoice, your score will lower.

Documents required to apply the Brim Mastercard credit card

Applying for the Brim Mastercard credit card is easier when you know what you need. Down below, we bring you a list of the documents required for the application process.

  • Proof of identity;
  • Proof of residency.

How to talk to the bank

To talk to the company, go to the official website and scroll all the way down. You will find their number in “talk to us” and other contacts.

How to get the Brim Mastercard credit card?

See how you can apply for the Brim Mastercard credit card.

  • Search for the Brim Mastercard credit card;
  • Click on it, and in “apply for it”;
  • Create an account and fill the form.


Now that this is over, we hope we were able to help you in any way. If you want to apply for the Brim Mastercard credit card, we know you are ready, and with that the application will be easy!

Click the button below to be redirected to the official website responsible for applying for a credit card Brim.