We can say that making purchases with a credit card is a satisfying way to spend time, especially when the item purchased has been desired for some time.


Financial institutions are always attentive to creating new services that attract consumer attention.

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The result of one of these new services available is cashback, which offers customers the opportunity to do what they love so much, receiving money back on their purchases.

What was already good got even better with the BMO Cashback Mastercard, where the cashback returns to the customer under the best possible conditions.

Are you curious to know more? Keep reading to understand all the benefits that BMO Cashback has to offer you!

Who is the credit card BMO Cashback

The BMO Cashback Mastercard is designed for customers who seek maximum rewards when using their credit card, such as earning points and cash back on their purchases.

After all, purchases are made all the time and receiving rewards for them becomes the best way to use your credit card to your advantage.

How to request this BMO Cashback?

To make your BMO Cashback Mastercard request simple and quick, we will show you step by step how to place your order, see now what to do:

  • The first step is to enter the official BMO website;
  • Access the “credit cards” area;
  • Find the description of the BMO Cashback Mastercard;
  • Click on the request card option;
  • Fill in all the information about your personal data;
  • Read and accept the card contract terms;
  • Finalize your request.

Easy and practical, right? Now you will need to wait for a response to your request, which will be sent to the email registered in the form.

Credit card benefits

The benefits of BMO Cashback provide the customer with some very interesting advantages, find out what they are:

  • Receive 3% cashback when shopping in supermarkets;
  • Earn 1% cashback when you pay for monthly streaming services;
  • 0.5% cashback on any other purchase made with the card;
  • Redeem your money at any time;
  • 100% online application to control your expenses;
  • Access your Score score at any time without any impact;
  • Participate in the Zero Responsibility program against fraud on your card;
  • Take part in Mastercard Identity Check and have security in your purchases;
  • Receive real-time alerts for all your movements.

Take advantage of all these benefits by enjoying your cash back just by making purchases with your BMO Cashback Mastercard credit card.

Credit card limit

The limit on your BMO Cashback Mastercard will be defined based on your monthly income, payment history and your Score score will most likely also be checked.

BMO does not inform you of the initial limit after card approval, and you must first undergo a credit analysis.

BMO Cashback: Fees and tariffs

Check out the rates and fees for the BMO Cashback Mastercard card now:

  • Card annual fee: No annual fee charged;
  • Minimum income required: US$15,000;
  • Fee for making purchases: 20.99%;
  • Rate for cash advances: 22.99%;
  • Charge rate for Quebec residents: 21.99%.

Additional BMO Cashback card benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned in this article, BMO customers also receive some additional benefits when applying for the card, understand what they are:

  • Receive more cashback when you take out additional cards on your main BMO card;
  • Get purchase protection and extended warranty insurance;
  • Save up to 25% on rentals from Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental.

Opinion about the card

Several positive points can be seen with BMO Cashback, first of all it is certainly the fact that its annual fee is free, especially because not every card that offers cashback and various benefits that keeps the annual fee exempt.

Another positive point is its minimum income requirement, which we can consider a value below that required by some card operators. It is clear that consumers will have more advantages than disadvantages when taking out the BMO credit card.

Cards with cashback offers can become extremely profitable in the long term, since several purchases that would otherwise come out of your pocket at that exact moment can be paid for with what you received back and are there in your accumulated account, ready to be used.

I hope I helped you understand and clear up any doubts about how the BMO cashback card works. If you have already placed your order, happy shopping and enjoy all the cashback you receive! To the next!

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