Credit cards are considered great allies in different situations in our lives, in everyday life whenever we need to buy something in installments or with at least 30 days to pay it becomes indispensable.

In addition to making our payments easier, it is also possible to have access to various benefits and advantages, however, it is necessary to choose the right card to combine business with pleasure.

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With American Cobalt, you can have all of this on a single credit card. See now everything it offers to the American Express customer!

Who is the credit card American Express Cobalt

The American Cobalt is ideal for consumers who want to make physical or online purchases, and for those who tend to use the card more frequently.

In other words, it is interesting mainly for people who tend to concentrate almost or all of their monthly expenses, such as food, solely on their credit cards.

How to request this American Express Cobalt?

We did a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your American Cobalto Cobalt credit card, see how easy it is to apply for your card:

  1. First you must access the official American Express website;
  2. Click on the request option for the American Cobalto Cobalt Card;
  3. Fill in the form with your personal information;
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and complete your request.

The analysis response will be sent to your email contact, and after approval you will receive your credit card at the address registered in the form.

Credit card benefits

As already said, a card with benefits is essential these days, and to show what you get by requesting Cobalt, we have listed some insurance and benefits that you are entitled to, check it out now:

  • Membership Rewards points program: With the American Express points program, the card user earns several points on practically everything they buy with the card, even making referrals to friends. All points can be easily redeemed and can be used for streaming subscriptions, supermarket purchases, cinema tickets and several other options;
  • Earn bonuses: Receive bonuses frequently so you can enjoy various events with special access, such as film releases at the cinema;
  • Insurance for your cell phone: When the purchase of a cell phone is made with the American Cobalt card, the device is insured with coverage of up to US$1,000. The insurance covers theft, loss and any accidental damage for up to 2 years after the date of purchase of the device;
  • Get access to the Hotel Collection: Receive discounts when you stay for two nights or more at hotels that are part of the Hotel Collection. Earn up to US$100 for consumption in restaurants and various leisure areas, and you can even exchange rooms. (See conditions for upgrades);
  • Luggage delay insurance: When purchasing an airline ticket with your American Express card, you are insured for up to US$500 for emergencies in case your luggage is delayed for more than 6 hours after it has been checked in;
  • Luggage loss insurance: In cases of loss or theft of your suitcase or personal bag, you will have coverage of up to US$500, but the insurance is only valid if your ticket is purchased with the American Cobalt card.

Credit card limit

Information about the American Cobalt card limit was not made available by the company, requiring a credit analysis to define the limit.

The evaluation of financial institutions is based on your payment history and the value of your monthly income, also counting on the evaluation of your Score score.

American Express Cobalt: Fees and tariffs

Understand the rates and fees charged:

  • Card format: Credit;
  • Card annual fee: US$12.99 total of US$155.88 per year;
  • Additional card: No annual fee charged;
  • Annual interest rate on purchases: 20.99%;
  • Annual interest rate on advance: 21.99%.

More advantages for you

Discover more advantages that American customers will have access to:

  • Extended original warranty insurance: When purchasing an eligible product with the card, the manufacturer’s warranty is automatically doubled;
  • Protection for your purchases: For products that are part of purchase protection, the customer will have insurance for up to US$1,000 against accidental damage or theft for 90 days after purchase;
  • Insurance for your hotel accommodation: For accommodations paid by card, in the event of theft, the insurance will cover up to US$500. Coverage is not valid for cash, only personal belongings;
  • Medical insurance during your trips: The insurance covers up to US$5,000,000 in emergencies within 15 days of travel. Coverage is valid for anyone aged up to 65 who purchased a ticket with an American Cobalt card. (See coverage terms and conditions);
  • Insurance for air delays: In case of flight delays, coverage can reach up to US$500 to be used during 48 hours due to the delay or denied boarding. (See conditions);
  • Travel accident insurance: Receive up to US$250,000 for tickets purchased with American Cobalt, including train, bus, ship or plane tickets in cases of dismemberment or accidental death;
  • Insurance for cars rented during the trip: For car rentals lasting up to 48 days where payment was made with the American Cobalt card, you get coverage against loss, theft or damage to the car. (See terms and conditions).

Opinion about the card

For users looking for a card with a simpler format to cover monthly purchases, it is an excellent option with good value for money, not to mention the various advantages that the card offers to the customer.

We list all the benefits exactly so that the user can easily define their priorities in a credit card, after all, a card full of benefits needs to be explored.

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