Carrying cash is extremely inconvenient, not only because of the risk of loss, but also because of the delay in waiting for change, or because you are unable to accumulate points.

With the Axis bank pride platinum credit card you don’t have to choose between practicality or purchasing at any place.



Any establishment that accepts cards is able to receive payment with the Axis bank pride platinum card, which in a way makes it very practical.

However, its main convenience is not how much this credit card is accepted, but rather how much it offers you when it comes to benefits.

You can check this and much more throughout the article, where you will understand how the Axis bank pride platinum card makes your life easier, serving you and your family.

Who is the Axis bank pride platinum credit card for?

This credit card is for those looking for comfort and ease, with the Axis bank pride platinum card you will have no reason to complain.

When buying online or in physical stores, you have discounts that make everything more economical and a limit that makes buying something much more pleasant.

Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult, so if you’re looking for a practical way to pay for your purchases without using physical cash.

This credit card is exactly what you need, with a wide range of benefits and also very practical to use.

Benefits of Axis bank pride platinum credit card

Every credit card has a list of benefits, it is important that you know very well the credit card you are applying for. Below, we will delve deeper into the three main benefits of the Axis bank pride platinum credit card, check out what awaits you next.

Flexible limit

The first big advantage of the Axis bank pride platinum credit card is the credit card limit, Platinum cards are among the most robust on the market. In other words, whenever a card has platinum in its name, you can be sure that the credit card limit will be your ally.

Exclusive discounts

This credit card is one of the most convenient to purchase, mainly due to the exclusive discounts, after all, no one can do without a good discount. With this credit card, customers can be sure that they are purchasing the best prices on a wide range of services and products.

Annual fee exemption

The third major advantage of purchasing with the Axis bank pride platinum card is the exemption from annual fees, in the first year for all customers and in the second for customers who meet the requirement. However, even if you don’t earn the exemption in the second year, the annual fee is affordable.

Axis bank pride platinum card key details

The Axis bank pride platinum credit card is one of the most complete in the world, knowing your credit card will help you make a decision. Therefore, if you are still in doubt about applying for the card, check out the main features of this credit card below.


Firstly, we have the credit card brand, this card has the Visa Signature brand, one of the most accepted brands in the world.


Due to its brand, this credit card has coverage for use in other countries, so this credit card is international.

Initial limit

There is no pre-approved initial limit, that is, to find out the initial limit of the Axis bank pride platinum card, contact Axis bank.


The annual credit card fee, if you are unable to obtain an exemption in the second year, will be $250.00 INR, ensuring a comfortable payment of the fee.

Revolving interest

The revolving interest rates were also not disclosed, however, the information available is that not only the revolving interest rates are low, but also the other rates.

Accept negative

The Axis bank pride platinum credit card, as well as other Platinum cards, do not accept requests from customers who are negative.

More services from Axis bank

Among Axis bank’s other services are loans, if you need easy credit, with quality and good payment conditions. Then Axis Bank has a loan that suits you and has exactly what you need to achieve your financial goals.

Common questions

Having doubts about cards is common, but certain doubts are very common, so we have selected the main doubts and will answer them below.

What happens if I don’t pay the invoice?

In case of non-payment of the invoice, the revolving bill comes into action, that is, in the following month you will pay the difference from the previous month’s invoice with additional interest.

How to disable contactless payment

If you want to deactivate contactless payment, you just need to access the card application and select the deactivate contactless option.

How to unblock the card

To unlock your credit card, you will also need to access the application, accessing the control window, where you can unlock it.

Documents required to apply

Do you want to apply for a credit card? So, check below what documents are required:

  • Proof of income;
  • Photo ID;
  • Proof of address.

How to talk to Axis bank

To speak to Axis bank, you can use several means, however the most efficient way is to call the bank on the following number: 1860-419-5555.

How to apply for Axis bank pride platinum credit card?

To request the Axis bank pride platinum card, follow these steps:

  • Access the Axis bank application;
  • Select Axis bank pride platinum card;
  • Present all required documents;
  • Enter your personal data;
  • Choose an address to send the card.


There is only one thing better than buying, and that is buying with comfort and practicality, say goodbye to physical money, with the Axis bank pride platinum card you can buy without carrying stacks of banknotes.

The request takes place within a few minutes, so hurry up to request your card.