• Access to VIP lounges at airports
  • Flag accepted in more than 90 countries
  • Contactless payment
  • Points program

About the bank

The bank that offers this credit card is Axis bank, one of the best options for getting high-quality credit cards at a low maintenance cost. The Spicejet axis bank voyage card is just one of many credit cards in the bank’s catalog in question.
Therefore, if you are interested, it is worth spending a little time researching the other Axis bank credit card options. You’re sure to find a credit card option besides the Spicejet axis bank voyage that suits your needs.



The Axis bank application is essential for applying for the card, and is also very important for you to manage your benefits. Therefore, it is important that you install the application immediately, as at the end of this article you will need to use this application.
In addition to the app, it is also important that you request the opening of an Axis bank account in your name, as this is also a requirement to apply for the card. The process is super quick and simple, if you prefer, you can request to open the account in person.

What is the limit on the Spicejet axis bank voyage credit card?

Traveling is not cheap at all, in other words, a travel credit card could not have a low credit limit, this would put the tourist in a complicated position. After all, it would be necessary to choose between stopping traveling, taking advantage of a good budget and trying out different new experiences.
Or you will need to travel without a good credit card, in addition, the Spicejet axis bank voyage credit card is the most suitable for those looking for a good limit. It is possible to get limits high enough to pay for an entire trip just using your credit card.

How to increase your card limit

If your credit limit is too low, you can apply, the application takes place online, however it can take place in person. To do this, you just need to go to an Axis bank branch and request an increase in your limit on the Spicejet axis bank voyage card.
It is also possible to place the same order without leaving home, using the Axis bank app, to do so, you just need to access the control window. In both cases, it is recommended that you use your credit card reasonably frequently before requesting a limit increase.

Fees and tariffs

However, this credit card has two fees for its operation, the first is a membership fee, to sign up for the Spicejet axis bank voyage card you will first need to pay a membership fee of 750 Indian rupees. This fee is paid only once, when signing up for the credit card.
After the first payment, you will no longer have to pay the membership fee, but you will need to pay an annual fee for the card to work. This credit card has an annual fee of the same value as the membership fee, the payment method is at your discretion.

Opinion about the Spicejet axis bank voyage card

This Spicejet axis bank voyage credit card is as important to the tourist as your luggage, just as you should not travel without a suitable suitcase. It is also important that you do not forget to apply for a good credit card before taking a vacation, especially when traveling internationally.
The right credit card can make even waiting before your flight much more comfortable, allowing your trip to start off on the right foot. So, it’s crucial not to believe that this credit card is similar to any other travel credit card.