The Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex credit card is aimed at business owners. It presents special advantages that contribute to business success and includes a rewards program that is very attractive to small business owners.

Check out more information about this card below!

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Who is the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex

As we mentioned, businesspeople are the people who should take advantage of the benefits of the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex, especially those who travel out of the country frequently or deal with urgent business-related expenses.

Credit card issuers are flexible regarding company types. In other words, even people who have small businesses or who do business as a form of extra income may be eligible for this business resource.

But, to achieve this, it is recommended that you have a credit score above 670, which can be complicated for those with a negative score.

Credit card benefits

The time has come to talk about the advantages that the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex credit card offers! You can analyze whether this resource will meet the needs of your enterprise, contributing to your professional and financial success.

Discover some benefits of this card:

  • It has business coverage, which helps keep your business protected;
  • You earn 50,000 welcome points after you spend $1,500 on purchases with your card in the first three months of card membership;
  • The Annual Free Night Award runs annually and allows you to stay for one night at one of the participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels;
  • Using the card, you earn points for every $1.00 spent on Marriott Bonvoy hotels and business expenses;
  • Contains a complete set of business solutions, such as account management tools, to meet the demands of your company;
  • It has purchase and travel coverage, to protect your company’s purchases and to protect you on your international journeys.

Credit card limit

Before you opt for the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex, it is important to highlight that there is no fixed amount defined for the credit limit. It will be determined according to the personal analysis of each entrepreneur.

Marriott Bonvoy Business: fees and charges

The Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex has some more expensive rates compared to other cards on the market.

Watch below:

  • It has an annual fee of $150;
  • Supplemental cards (additional cards for, for example, family members) have an annual fee of $50 each;
  • A fee of 20.99% is applied to purchases made using a credit card;
  • If you make a withdrawal using the Marriott Bonvoy in question, a fee of 21.99% will be charged;
  • If you are late paying your card, fees of 24.99% or 26.99% will be collected depending on the number of late payments.

A reminder: the brand of the card in question is American Express and it can be used for international travel.

How to apply for a credit card?

If you want to purchase your Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex credit card, we have prepared a complete step-by-step guide. Check it out below!

  • Click on the “Apply now” button;
  • Read the card information and see if you meet the requirements for the application;
  • Click the “Agree and Begin” button;
  • Fill in the form with your personal information;
  • Click on the “Save and Continue” button;
  • Enter your contact details;
  • Click on the “Save and Continue” button;
  • Add information about your finances and your business;
  • Click on the “Save and Continue” button;
  • Review all the data you filled in and click to apply for your new credit card.

If you have any questions about the application or approval process, please direct them directly to American Express. After the application is accepted, the entrepreneur will have access to the card’s benefits within two weeks.

Opinion about the card

Although the rates on the Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex are higher, it offers more benefits and guidance to make your business thrive even more.

On the other hand, the chances of your request being denied are greater if you have a negative score. However, there are other options that can help you achieve your business goals.

Click the button below to be redirected to the official website responsible for applying for a credit card Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card Amex.