If you are looking for a prepaid card that offers advantages for your travels, Cibc Ac Conversion can help you, especially with local currency conversion, for those who need exchange.

Currency conversion can be carried out at airports, ATMs and stores, which ends up being very useful as a security measure so that it is not necessary to carry large amounts in cash.



For those who don’t know, the prepaid card is rechargeable, and when requesting it you don’t need to wait for a credit analysis to receive an initial limit, unlike the postpaid card which already comes with a pre-defined limit.

The postpaid card customer tops up and uses it however they prefer until the value runs out, requiring another top-up to continue enjoying the card’s benefits.

Who is the credit card Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid

The Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid was developed especially for customers who travel a lot internationally during the year.

This card is ideal for customers looking for new experiences and enjoy easy payment during their trips, without bureaucracy when exchanging currencies.

But it can also be requested by anyone looking for a prepaid conversion card for any type of situation.

The prepaid conversion card is also an excellent option for those who value their security and prefer not to carry cash when making purchases or transactions.

How to request Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid?

Do you want to know how to request Cibc Ac Conversion? So read this step by step and find out how to order yours:

  1. Visit the official Cibc website;
  2. Enter the prepaid cards area;
  3. Find the description of the Cibc Ac card and click on “learn more”;
  4. Carefully read all card terms and conditions;
  5. Enter the requested information about your personal data;
  6. Check all completed fields;
  7. Submit your card request.

After approval of your request, your card can be received by post at the address registered on the request form.

Credit card benefits

The Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid prepaid card offers consumers useful benefits for their daily lives and travel, with insurance and advantages that make the card much more attractive.

To let you know some benefits, we made a list of what Cibc customers will have access to, check it out:

  • Withdrawals covering almost the entire territory of Canada;
  • First international withdrawal with free fee;
  • Personalization fees are not included in the card;
  • Use your card in more than 40 countries;
  • There is no card application fee charged;
  • No fees are charged when recharging the card;
  • You will not be charged fees when making purchases;
  • You can load up to 10 currencies with no extra conversion fee;
  • Recharge anywhere through the AC conversion app;
  • More protection for your card offered by Visa.

Currencies available for conversion

Find out which currencies can be loaded onto your Cibc Ac Conversion prepaid card:

  • Swiss Francs;
  • Mexican Pesos;
  • Turkish Lira;
  • Hong Kong dollars;
  • Japanese Yen;
  • Australian dollars;
  • Euros;
  • British Pounds;
  • Canadian Dollars;
  • US Dollars.

Credit card limit

Each and every prepaid card does not offer a credit limit to the customer, this is because, in order to have a limit on this type of card, the customer himself will define his limit value in the amount deposited when recharging.

Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid: Fees and tariffs

See now some of the Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid rates:

  • Card customization: Free;
  • Shipping by mail (not required): $15.00;
  • CAD card exchange: $25.00;
  • International conversion rate: 2.5%.

All card fees and charges can be consulted in full in the Terms and Conditions of the contract, where you will find all information about conversion and anything related to the card.

Fees for international ATM withdrawals

Understand the fees for ATM withdrawals:

  • CHF: 2.95;
  • CAD: 3.50;
  • TRY: 7.95;
  • EUR: 2.50;
  • JPY: 349.95;
  • GBP: 1.95;
  • AUD: 3.95;
  • MXN: 49.95;
  • HKD: 21.95.

It is worth remembering that no fee will be charged on the first monthly withdrawal.

Opinion about the card

Based on its cost-benefit and the advantage of being able to convert up to 10 currencies on a single card, the Cibc Ac Conversion Visa Prepaid card is the best option for those looking for practicality in their travels.

What helps a lot when choosing is that its functionality is the same as a common credit card, but with the difference of not charging an annual fee. In other words, the Cibc customer can get on a single card what many need to get on two or more cards for a single international trip.

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