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Name of Security CAT Quantity Traded Deliverable Quantity(gross across client level) % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity
INVENTURE EQ 2002 2 0.1
SWANENERGY EQ 148994 1762 1.18
WINDMACHIN EQ 133091 4235 3.18
KSCL EQ 6869153 242959 3.54
ALBK EQ 24518586 1025318 4.18
RANEENGINE EQ 185 10 5.41
CEATLTD EQ 462039 26276 5.69
BRNL EQ 13536 846 6.25
BEML EQ 1313186 88299 6.72
BIL EQ 11365 796 7
ORIENTBANK EQ 3478092 280002 8.05
RELCAPITAL EQ 33553015 2770353 8.26
RELINFRA EQ 18854987 1604209 8.51
BFUTILITIE EQ 3135905 271045 8.64
MINDTREE EQ 1005712 87272 8.68
CGCL EQ 254498 22672 8.91
DISHTV EQ 29565250 2743353 9.28
SRF EQ 249930 24109 9.65
JINDALSTEL EQ 14770698 1440446 9.75
GRSE EQ 40560 4053 9.99
CANFINHOME EQ 4491541 450913 10.04
CANBK EQ 4449981 447942 10.07
UNIONBANK EQ 15866924 1613332 10.17
JETAIRWAYS EQ 3635864 372685 10.25
DHFL EQ 23133535 2374209 10.26
INDIANB EQ 1961072 203908 10.4
DLF EQ 5377001 580242 10.79
CGPOWER EQ 23783335 2567031 10.79
SUNTV EQ 2753833 298495 10.84
UJJIVAN EQ 1408760 163954 11.64
RAYMOND EQ 583286 68030 11.66
CHALET EQ 29462 3437 11.67
ARIHANTSUP EQ 15695 1888 12.03
BANKBARODA EQ 10298813 1268918 12.32
JUBLFOOD EQ 2061410 254541 12.35
WOCKPHARMA EQ 1814014 228979 12.62
PNB EQ 47884317 6155068 12.85
BANKINDIA EQ 13401572 1730527 12.91
IBULHSGFIN EQ 12819378 1665587 12.99
ADANIPOWER EQ 14132459 1840027 13.02
SDBL EQ 316182 42054 13.3
SYNDIBANK EQ 6512053 882981 13.56
ORISSAMINE EQ 70704 9660 13.66
MCX EQ 147116 20464 13.91
PCJEWELLER EQ 4592302 646870 14.09
STAR EQ 1686624 238022 14.11
ADANIENT EQ 2698192 382374 14.17
REPCOHOME EQ 1482377 211767 14.29
SUNTECK EQ 145609 21117 14.5
INFRATEL EQ 3996262 581030 14.54
CENTURYTEX EQ 736561 109015 14.8
TATASTEEL EQ 11782714 1757913 14.92
MINDTECK EQ 13067 2036 15.58
RESPONIND EQ 87074 14058 16.14
BFINVEST EQ 933739 151421 16.22
JUSTDIAL EQ 3625680 589902 16.27
EMAMILTD EQ 1597468 261031 16.34
GLENMARK EQ 402915 66099 16.41
UCOBANK EQ 2133161 351046 16.46
NIITTECH EQ 893710 147185 16.47
TATAELXSI EQ 915215 153428 16.76
MINDAIND EQ 498126 84685 17
OMAXE EQ 197601 33648 17.03
TWL EQ 645908 109967 17.03
CHENNPETRO EQ 1375793 235305 17.1
RAMCOCEM EQ 343596 58900 17.14
ASHOKA EQ 657685 113104 17.2
NDGL EQ 40 7 17.5
DREDGECORP EQ 224315 40444 18.03
NEULANDLAB EQ 285413 52108 18.26
RCOM EQ 115064994 21068382 18.31
ZEEL EQ 5404437 1004446 18.59
KARDA EQ 19253 3609 18.75
IRB EQ 3622255 682677 18.85
CORPBANK EQ 9618256 1813164 18.85
TATASPONGE EQ 73634 13903 18.88
EMAMIREAL EQ 285205 54413 19.08
TINPLATE EQ 403314 77207 19.14
HARRMALAYA EQ 90640 17379 19.17
AMBUJACEM EQ 2197983 423676 19.28
HAL EQ 105157 20298 19.3
ITI EQ 981379 190499 19.41
PRAJIND EQ 2889872 563050 19.48
ORTINLABSS EQ 19795 3866 19.53
BATAINDIA EQ 873596 170703 19.54
HEXAWARE EQ 546428 110368 20.2
PARACABLES EQ 341553 69345 20.3
DOLPHINOFF EQ 148966 30626 20.56
STCINDIA EQ 137846 28672 20.8
BALKRISIND EQ 338848 70501 20.81
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Stock Market Operators run the stock market. This is common consensus worldwide. In the Indian context, the transparency factor is missing. Retail Investors are only a pawn in the hands of Stock Market Operators. Long back, i attended one of the programs called Investor Education Program by leading stock broking firm. These programs are nothing but a marketing to promote investment in Stock Market. Though i was keener to learn how the stock market works. Stock Market is like a Mirage. Investors jump this bandwagon to make quick money. Before investment, it is important to understand how it operates.

Based on my study so far, i can say that one of the marketing gimmicks is the use of the word “HIGH RISK“. In my opinion, HIGH RISK is a more positive way of giving negative message :). The risk is qualitative and cannot be quantified. You are always told that your stock market investment is at HIGH RISK. After reading this warning out of ten investors, nine may still invest in stock market. Assume High Risk is replaced by LOSE MONEY. Now you will be told that you may lose money on your stock market investment. In this case, out of ten investors, only very few investors will invest. I asked this question in one of the workshops and the expression on the face of the speaker was to KILL ME :). I hope after recent meltdown the regulator will take note of it.

Due to certain limitations, i cannot share all my findings in this post. As an investor, i can say that in Stock Market, the mind of a Retail Investor is trading against Algo Trading of stock market operators. It is also known algorithm trading. I am also a retail investor and can conclude that i cannot beat the Algo Trading. Algo trading is nothing but trading strategy. As per the online definition of an Algorithm Trading, It is a decision making to buy or sell a stock using advanced mathematical tools. I did a detailed study on this subject. Maybe the retail investors will not understand technicalities of same as it is too complex. An Algo trading puts stock market operators in an advantageous position compared to retail investors. Therefore, stock market operators can influence the decision of retail investors through Algorithm trading. It’s like human mind cannot beat the computer in advanced mathematical logic and calculations. In other words, the retail investor is fighting a war with sword and stock market operators are fighting with automated guns.

Stock Market Operators – How they Influence your decision

1. BUY SELL Quantity / Order Book: The order book of a stock is a key influencer for Retail Investors. It basically shows Buy/Sell Quantity against each Buy/Sell Price Point. To retail investors, next 5 data points are available but to stock market operators possibly the next 20 data points are available. Secondly, order book also shows the total buy and sell quantity. Therefore, for the retail investor if total buy quantity is 2,30,000 and the sell quantity is 1,70,000 means a bullish trend. It implies no of buyers are more than sellers. On the other hand, if the buy qty is 2,30,000 and the sell qty is 3,50,00 then it means a bearish trend. The conclusion of retail investors is that no of sellers are more than buyers.

Now you must be wondering what is wrong out here. All the conclusions mentioned above are WRONG. Through quantity, you cannot conclude whether there is a bullish/bearish trend. You should check this with no of orders and this info is not available. Stock market operators can easily influence this data. A retail investor knows all the details of only next 5 orders. For example, if the Sell qty is 10,000 and no of orders are two. it implies that only two retail investors or stock market operators have placed 10,000 qty to sell. They may or may not be actual sellers as they can change their Sell price anytime till the order is executed. This data is very dynamic and change every second. The trap for retail investors is that they don’t know the total number of orders against the total buy/sell quantity. It will help to find whether actual buyers or sellers are there in the market. It can be a mirage by stock market operators to influence the stock price.

Now assume that for stock market operators, the decision making of buying and sell along with quantity and price is controlled through Algorithm Trading. The retail investor is dead in this case. In the example mentioned above, if no of order against buy qty of 2,30,000 is say 10 or 20 then in all probability the buyers are not real. They might be stock market operators influencing the stock price.

If you observe this carefully then you must have observed that sometimes the Buy or Sell qty suddenly jump or collapse. It has a major influence on the stock price. Let me share an example how can i do that. If the current buy and sell qty is 1.5 lac and 1 lac respectively. Current stock price is Rs 300. Now stock market operators will put 2 lac SELL qty at Rs 250 assuming 20% lower circuit. In this case, they know the price will never collapse to Rs 250. After this order is placed, suddenly the revised buy and sell qty will change to 1.5 lac and 3 lac respectively. You will observe the stock price take a downward trend. If there are not many genuine buyers then by placing small orders at regular price interval, the stock price can be moved to negative zone.

If the no of order details for total qty is available then the retail investor can easily find that the stock market operators have entered the stock. Trust me retail investors cannot suddenly place orders worth 2 lac within secs. Also, i don’t understand why the exchanges cannot provide the no of orders details for Buy and Sell quantity.

2. Intraday Trading: Let me be honest that Intraday trading is not for retail investors. In all probability, they will lose money. During stock trading, the total quantity that is shown to the traders is a mix of qty marked for delivery and intraday trading. As i shared in my previous posts also that some stocks are labeled as traders stock. Stock Market Operators are quite active in such stocks. The retail investor makes buy or sell decision based on market sentiments. These sentiments are built by so called Analysts as i shared in my post, Why Retail Investors lose money in the stock market.  Whereas the opportunity to make money is in contrarian call provided operators are active.

As i understand that stock market operators know the qty marked for intraday trading. Mostly the trend is either BUY or SELL. Assuming trend is BULLISH and X no of qty is bought in the morning. The same qty i.e. X will be squared off before the close of the trade. In short, the retail investor is assuming that price will go up during the day. All retail investors take a position by 11 AM as recommended by the analysts. Mostly the positions are squared off after 2 PM. Now assuming i am one of the stock market operators. I will evaluate with my friends. If we can influence the market depending on no of orders and qty then i will SELL during the mid-day trade. In this case, i have taken contrarian call against the trend and i will BUY at the close of the trade. You should keep in mind that i am dealing in huge quantity and with the help of algorithm trading. Also, all the operators take the same call.

Now, how will i make money? In this case, timing is very important. I will start selling between 12 PM to 1 PM. In this case, the stock price will start falling. It will create panic among the retail investors as the movement is against their expectation. Therefore, retail investors start selling to cover their profit or losses & operators are buying at a low price through algorithm trading. At around 2:30 PM, the stock market operators will start buying to square off their position. Therefore, the stock price will now start moving up thus they will make a bundle of money. These are the stocks that move in the range of up to plus/minus 3%-5% during the day. The volatile stock marketis the perfect cocktail for intraday trading.

Words of Wisdom: The points shared by me is based on my personal experience and study. I have tried to explain in layman terms though the subject is too complex. After you study how Algorithm trading works, the lot of things will become clear. A retail investor should avoid stocks in which stock market operators are active. One of the ways is to check the security wide delivery position.

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